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    Welcome to the Elites Army Of Club Penguin! We are one of the largest and strongest armies of Club Penguin. Our goal is not only to protect all of Club Penguin from evil, but to be the best and most fun army around. If you would like to join, go to our join page, and fill out an application. After you are done, please visit our chat to talk with other fellow soldiers. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

    ~Elite Commanders

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    Alexandrovna on Application For Position
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(Re) Retirement

Yo Elites… Uhh its this time once again, I know I’ve already done a lengthy post when I retired last time, so I’mma keep it short and sweet this time. I came back into Elites leadership after my first retirement because I wanted to give Luci a chance to settle into his new role as CEO of the (then) newly made CP Army Hub. But honestly that wasn’t the only reason I came back, I came back because I didn’t wanna let go of the army that I’d put my damnedest amount of work into, and also because certain events occurred and we lost a large amount of troops. I’ve tried my hardest this last month or so, since I returned to Elites, and I’m certain that I’m satisfied this time around. I’m definitely leaving the army in good hands, as you all have either seen, or will be seeing very very soon, there are some new faces in the Elites leadership scene. After Luci’s, Cargo’s and my own retirements, there are plenty of open thrones, left empty by my fellow legend Luci and the absolute legend Cargo (Peep give Cargo legend bruh he deserves it) so welcome all the new emperors with open arms, they’ve definitely proved themselves to us former and current emperors (which is why they’ve been appointed their new post) so let em prove themselves to you. I’m 100% sure that Elites will reach greater heights than it ever has in the past, even higher than Gen 8’s glory days, and any golden age any past Elites generation has had.

All I wanna say is, you’ve all definitely showed me that Elites are forever superior to all; inferior to none.

This is Mythic signing out for the last time.

P.S. I don’t plan to come back but if for some reason I try to, someone kick my ass tyvm.

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  1. Truly an Elites Legend!

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