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    Welcome to the Elites Army Of Club Penguin! We are one of the largest and strongest armies of Club Penguin. Our goal is not only to protect all of Club Penguin from evil, but to be the best and most fun army around. If you would like to join, go to our join page, and fill out an application. After you are done, please visit our chat to talk with other fellow soldiers. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

    ~Elite Commanders

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Elites Withdrawal of NDA

AVALANCHE, Elites Capital: As the fog of war sets in, the Elites are left with a difficult decision to make. Relations between the Elites and the Doritos isn’t something that’s secret. Ever since our revival, the Doritos have been a constant source of support to the Elites, and for that we’re grateful. But it is with the deepest of regret, that the Elites officially declare its withdrawal from the New Dawn Alliance War against RPF and The Warrior Alliance.

Our faith however on keeping the New Dawn Alliance with its original aim, is still as is. If at the end of this war the Doritos were to continue their goal of keeping the Alliance, as one that is used to fight injustice, then we would continue along this path, however, this War, particularly, is one that if Elites were to support, then we would be going against our very morals of trying to be just. The Elites were revived with the sole purpose of ensuring justice to all armies, be it Major or S/M. We exist as a beacon to all armies that can call upon us when needed, to fight injustice.

This War against RPF and TWA was a result of several mistakes which were made, and we believe that while it was natural for DCP to believe that this was put away in the past, the day of reckoning was pending for a long while. We’re truly grateful to the Doritos for all they’ve done for the Elites, and the best that we could do now, was remain neutral.

It would be understandable if the Doritos were to end our Alliance that exists as we withdraw our support, but we simply cannot go against what we stand for. Such hard incriminating evidence is one that is hard to refute, and even harder to turn a blind eye to.

With this in mind, the Elites withdraw its support to the Doritos in their War against RPF and TWA.





S Cargo2

Elites Leadership

King Mythic

Elites Legend

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